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410%Increase in Organic Traffic after website re-development


Services Used

Google Ads

Competitor & Industry Research 

Social media Optimization

Our client is a leading brand in the vegan food industry, specializing in plant-based cheeses and other dairy alternatives. They approached us to revamp their website to improve user experience, increase brand visibility, and drive organic traffic.

Challenge: The client's previous website was outdated and did not effectively showcase their products or engage users. They needed a new website that would better reflect their brand identity and attract more organic traffic.

Our Approach:

  1. Website Redesign: We redesigned the client's website to create a modern, user-friendly interface that highlights their products and values. The new design focused on aesthetics, ease of navigation, and mobile responsiveness.

  2. Content Optimization: We optimized the website's content to improve search engine visibility and user engagement. This included keyword research, meta tag optimization, and content restructuring.

  3. SEO Implementation: We implemented SEO best practices throughout the website, including optimizing page titles, headings, and image alt text. We also focused on improving site speed and mobile optimization.

  4. Content Marketing Strategy: We developed a content marketing strategy to create and promote valuable, relevant content that would attract and engage the target audience. This included blog posts, recipes, and product spotlights.

Results: After the website redevelopment, the client saw significant improvements in organic traffic and user engagement:

  • 410% Increase in Organic Traffic: The revamped website led to a remarkable 410% increase in organic traffic compared to the previous period.

  • Improved User Engagement: The new website design and optimized content resulted in a higher average time spent on site and lower bounce rates.

  • Increased Conversions: The improved user experience and SEO optimization contributed to an increase in online sales and conversions.


"Team expertise in website design and SEO has helped us attract more visitors and improve user engagement. Our new website better reflects our brand and has contributed to increased sales and brand visibility." - [Natalie, VP Marketing]

Project Overview

The Results

410% Increase in Organic Traffic
Improved User Engagement:
Increased Conversions
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